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Nice!Gordon Extras: Skit Outtakes

Here are all the bloopers, blunders, mess ups, and just bad acting that came with making the skits for Nice!Gordon. It’s such a strange, different world than what skaters and snowboarders are used to. Everyone is so comfortable in front of a camera when they are trying to skate or snowboard but once you ask them to say a pre-written line, everyone falls apart. Big thanks to Kendall Whelpton for flying up to AK to help film, light, and advise on all the skits. Also DK Johnston was a big contributor before his days of being a main player in the AK film scene and I really appreciated that.

We also traveled down to Newport Beach to film some of the scenes. Making the movie parts of the production were some of the best times I’ve ever had making snow/skate vids. When you watch the older movies you can tell that I always enjoyed making the skits and putting a lot of work into them. With Nice!Gordon I got to take that to a much higher level and it felt awesome. It felt like it gave the movie so much more than just video clips on boards. It felt as though it brought the group together more and gave the movie a uniqueness worthy of the the effort put forth by everyone involved. As I try to figure out how to put it into words I can feel any degree of eloquence slipping away. What I’m trying to say is that I fucking love the AK scene and felt like I finally made a movie that everyone up here could show people with pride; that they felt could represent what they loved about the boarderline movies and being a part of that scene for so long. Im really proud of all the movies but making this movie, the way I did, with the effort that we all put into it, felt like a new level had been reached. I know I’m still fumbling with my words here. Part of the reason I was making a video on my own was because I wanted to continue making movies that represented Alaskan skaters and snowboarders and what it was like to be a part of the scene that was created over the previous ten years. With Nice!Gordon I felt that was accomplished more than any other production or accomplishment I was a part of.

Seems like I just cant help but get all emo when it comes to this stuff. That’s me though and it has always been that way. I hope that comes through in these videos and I hope you get a lot of laughs from my awful acting.